Photo: L. Nørgaard

Pakistan three months after the earthquake.

Video Production for Danish Red Cross and the Pakistani Red Crescent.


Nørgaard Kommunikation is owned by Lasse Norgaard, who has almost 30 years of experience with Danish News Media and large international organisations, primarily the International Red Cross and Red Crescent  Movement. Additionally he has worked as a freelance journalist and communication consultant in Denmark, Africa and South East Asia.


”I believe that good communication and respect can solve most problems. It might be that communication is about techniques, but primarily it is about the will and the commitment to communicate. If you possess these, I will be delighted to provide some techniques and training making it easier to communicate with media, staff, beneficiaries and other groups”.


In Jyllands-Posten Explorer trip along the Mekong. Articles and textbook.

Photo: Peter Wath / DR

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