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In late 2014, early 2015 Danish Red Cross developed a “Resilience Programme for Young Men” in cooperation with national and international partners. It is a set of educational materials consisting of a book, an activity catalogue, a homepage and powerpoints in English and Arabic. Lasse was coordinating the technical part of the programme, and together with the undersigned, he managed the contact to all involved. He drew up a time- and production schedule for all involved, and he liaised with writers, translators, proof-readers, webdesigner and graphic designer.


It was an enormous and valuable help to work with someone who knows and can coordinate the different processes. Additionally, Lasse engaged himself to ensure the highest quality of all aspects of the programme, and I can highly recommend him as both project manager and editor.


Leslie Otte Grebts,

Development consultant and project responsible

Danish Red Cross




As a writer and project manager, Lasse has coordinated a number of Jyllands-Posten educational microsites, planned and participated in our Explorer-trips and edited a number of special papers and books, in addition to working as a freelance correspondent for us from South East Asia. He is professionally sharp, has the ability to oversee processes, he keeps deadlines – and he has a good sense of humour.


Henrik Thomsen,

Senior Project Manager





»Lasse Norgaard has been provided indispensable assistance creating our new website. As a critical and great writer he has delivered valuable and creative input when editing our texts. Using his language skills, he did not only translate but re-formulate and improve the texts. This was an additional bonus for a company like ours, trying to describe our products and express our visions.«


Vibeke Vollmer,

Production Manager,

Hansen Kitchens

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